Sarah Moens

Sarah's name is Sarah Moens, pronounced like the moons, and she likes it a lot. Sarah is also PussyR, her stage name, which came about through a text a few years ago. Dust speaks to her, it's both powerful and identity-less. Sarah experiments with sound, writes poems, works on her flow, and this word seems to light a fire in her very blue eyes. Sarah is learning to trust her ears and her heart, and to let herself wander according to what resonates. Sarah is less and less afraid, she says "if it's not scary it's useless", Sarah buries her fears for a living. Sarah would like to go back to instinct, to sensitivity. She asks herself: how can we bring the sacred back into our bodies? She thinks about frequencies, the power of vibrations. She says, "Sometimes you have to be quiet", and together we fall silent for a moment.

Sarah Moens makes experimental music. She writes songs and composes music in a self-taught, instinctive way using a variety of analogue and digital instruments.With PussyR, she explores her vast and intimate musical interests in collaboration with musician Olivia Etchepareporda.In 2022, following a residency on the sailboat Bise Noire, she and Manon Saada Russo formed the rap duo esma, songs of patriarchal anger and maternal love with Sephardic and Ashkenazi influences.After a first life as a lawyer, she reoriented herself towards the cultural field and more particularly the Vevey music scene, at the RKC and the CAF? label. She co-founded the Jamjamchicasx collective, which organises FLINTA-only jams and creates collective spaces for musical experimentation free from performance issues.Sarah Moens has performed at the Festival de la Cité, Hautes Fréquences and the RKC. Her aim is to combine meditative and transcendental practices with sound and collective research into the health frequencies that affect the body and mind.