ludovico paladini

Ludo quickly got rid of Vico. And, because he spends his life playing, it's fair to say that he lives up to his name. The pronunciation, between Italy and French-speaking Switzerland, is not the same. He has fun with that, too.Always on the move, Ludo never seems to stop searching, travelling, partying and dancing.Ludo likes to plunge himself into his work until he gets

dirty hands. He interprets, invents and wishes he had more time. Ludo has FOMO. Ludo fears spreading himself too thin. His big, dark eyes are sometimes filled with worry. But his roots are strong. Ludo takes care of them, they need to be nurtured. I look at the little sketches Ludo makes in a black leather notebook. When he stands, Ludo casts a long, lanky shadow on the ground. His body moves through space as if it were taking flight - free.

ludovico paladini is a dancer and performer from central Italy and a graduate of the Manufacture's Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance. Throughout his training, Ludovico often returned to Italy, creating projects combining dance and performance and playing an active part in his region's independent scene.
He began working with Olivia Grandville on Debandade and continues to collaborate on new projects as a performer and choreographer. In 2021 he joined the Ensemble La Ribot, with whom he created and performed La Bola, Die Estinguished, and a personal creation, Ombregraphie during the occupation of the Pavillon ADC . In 2022, he made a short film version of his graduation solo, Tales Of FreeDoom, with Riccardo Saraceni.
In his spare time, Ludovico draws, writes, reads, photographs, cuts out and glues, leaving behind him an archipelago of half-finished projects.
He is currently pursuing his research into choreography, performance and video dance, looking for points of contact with other artists to enrich his practices.