Jérémie Nicolet

Jérémie's name is Jérémie Nicolet, but he's also chosen a name for himself, a stage name: Hibou! to mark the difference. The owl, like Jérémie, watches the daybreak: he savours the passing of time and the eternal beginning of the world. Ever since he saw Billy Elliot, Jérémie has been inventing, tracking down the mechanics of emotions in rap. Jérémie reflects, avoids conflict, works on politeness, he's in search of delicacy. Jérémie asks himself: how can we best take care of each other?
Jérémie's words sometimes end in a smile: they make the dimple in his cheek grow. When Jérémie talks about music, he takes off into the air and opens his eyes wide. Eyes -
of an owl,
of a child,
that seem to marvel ever more.
I listen to Jérémie's sounds at dawn, as I cycle through the waking city.

Jérémie Nicolet is an actor and musician from Geneva. He started out in the theatre at a young age, and trained at Les Teintureries in Lausanne, working with the GDRA and the Delforian/Tagliarini duo. It's under the name Hibou! that he develops his solo musical project, a mix of rap, slam and song with melodic backgrounds that he composes, writes and records himself. Building his nest firmly on the neighbouring branches of theatre and music, he continually feeds his practice of one with the other, like his first theatre solo, RC, which uses the codes of a rap battle to explore the issues of failure, loneliness and the search for encouragement in an absurd context. After releasing an EP in 2022 and two albums in 2023, he continues to develop his musical project, seeking to apply the tools of theatre to it. He regularly collaborates with Yann Hermenjat and Maude Bovey, and is accompanied by Cie L'Alakran for his next theatrical creation in duo with Georgia Rushton.