Filomé Robinson Starck

Filomé Robinson Starck has a poet's name, and something of their freedom too. They have two first names, and uses them to question their identities.Thanks to the lorry that is their home, Filomé is always on the move and seems unattached. But this is not true. On the contrary, Filomé wants to share, and is sometimes afraid to be alone. Through art, Filomé seeks to communicate, to ask questions. We don't always find the answers, so they use sound and dance. And answers are only valid at a given moment, not forever. "There's nothing that lasts forever", they say, and their soft yet raspy voice sounds like the beginning of a song in my ears. Filomé capsizes and shifts often. Filomé rolls gently forward.

Filomé Starck works with the body, sound and space. They trained in dance, double bass and music theory at the Conservatoire du Grand Besançon, before joining the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at La Manufacture. After spending a large part of his childhood travelling on their parents' sailing boat along the West African coast and in a minibus across Europe, travel is as much a part of their life as their practice. Between 2021 and 2022, in the company of La Francomtoise de Rue, they travelled for three weeks in the countryside to gather testimonies, memories and local stories, composing pieces that changed according to the village in which they were performed. Recently, they have been devoting more time to music, singing, electronic experimentation, MAO production and DJing, as well as designing visual installations in which they then perform.