Antonie Oberson

Antonie Oberson is named after their great-grandmother, Antonie no H, Antonie no Y. It's a name they cherish.
Antonie relishes emptiness, plays with space, Antonie builds. Antonie collects objects, surrounds themselves with bulky things. With these, they wonder: clutter means taking up space. But whose space?
When Antonie talks, they gently welcome me into their thoughts. The links around Antonie form a network of magical connections: those of the heart, those of work, those of the stars between them. It's all a question of distance and timing. Antonie sculpts the space-time continuum to rethink the world.

Antonie Oberson is a set designer and visual artist born in the canton of Fribourg.
They hold a Master's degree in scenography from La Manufacture, after a Bachelor's degree in Option construction from HEAD and a Master's degree in visual arts from the Institut Kunst in Basel. Their interests revolve around the spatio-relational relationships of bodies present on stage or elsewhere, whether human or not. The issue of modularity and the resulting questions of form, group composition and constraints are at the heart of his practice. They have worked with Giulia Rumasuglia, Mélanie Gobet, Lucile Pochon and the Old Masters, and designed the set for Johanne's Appetite for the depths at the Arsenic in January 2023. Antonie wants to use Fribourg's fokloric terrain to bring out its queer potential, and is looking at how to be a project carrier from a scenographic perspective.